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Skimmed Milk Powder

Product Name: Skimmed Milk Powder
Product Origin: Germany
Standard: A
Brand Name: FCMP
PriceTerms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 MT
Detailed Product Description:

Skimmed milk powder is a product that is created when water is removed from pasteurized non fat milk. By depriving micro-organisms of the water which they require in order to develop, drying allows skim milk powder to have a shelf life of up to 2 years if stored properly.

Technical Specifications:
Protein: 34.0% max
Fat: 1.5% max.
Lactose: 54.0% max.
Minerals: 8.0% max.
Moisture: 4.0% max.

Microbiological Specifications:
Standard Plate Count: < 10,000 cfu/g max.
Yeast & Mould: <10 cfu/g max.
Coliforms: Absent/g
E. coli: Absent/g
S. aureus: Absent/g
Salamonella: Absent/25g
Shigella: Absent/25g
Coag. Positive Staphylococci: Absent/g
Color Light: cream to white
Flavor: Clean, cooked flavor
Odor: Fresh, no off odor

Shelf Life: 18-24 Months.

Packaging: 25kg bags Kraft paper multi-wall with inner polyethylene liner. We can also pack as requested by buyer.

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