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Soybean Milk Powder

Product Name: Soybean Milk Powder
Product Origin: Germany
Standard: A
PriceTerms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 MT
Detailed Product Description:

Soy Milk Powder is a “milk” made by soaking and cooking soybeans, then grinding them and squeezing out the liquid inside. Surprisingly enough, the product created is similar to milk. It’s a whitish coloured, nutty flavoured health beverage, which can be used in place of cow’s milk.

Color: Dairy Yellow
Flavor: No Peculiar Smell
Particle Size (Percentage Past 70 Mesh )%: 85 Min
Protein(N*6, 25 Dry basis)%: 20 Min
Moisture %: 4,00 Max
Fat %: 10,00 Min
Ash %: 6,0 Max
Carbohydrate %: 40,00 Max
Solubility %: 96,00 Min
Bacterium Count( cfu/g): 20,000/g Max
E.Coli Count(MPN/100g): Negative
Salmonella: No detected
Yeast and Mould: 50/g Max
Aflatoxin: No detected
Lead (Pb, mg/kg): 0.8 Max
Arsenic (As, mg/kg): 0.5 Max
Melamine (The operational limit is 3ppm): Not detected

Shelf Life: 18-24 Months.

Packaging: 25kg bags Kraft paper multi-wall with inner polyethylene liner. We can also pack as requested by buyer.

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