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Hayal Energy Drink Can with 25cl

Product Name: Hayal Energy Drink Can with 25cl
Product Origin: Germany
Supply Ability: 5000 MT
Detailed Product Description:

Hayal is the first premium Energy Drink with the protected seal of approval from the Islamic Center of Hamburg.
Produced, inspected and certificated by highly qualified Islam experts and food chemists, by the means of strict and international standardized Halal criteria. Pure quality!
Only high quality ingredients are being used. Only products with excellent quality are awarded with the Halal sign.
Connect between orient and occident!
24-7 Power - around the clock! Create bridges between east and west

People are constantly fighting with pressure – if they want to take their life in their own hands they need the power of Hayal ® energy for it. Only this power associated with the priority of the spring water and the quality of a Halal product drives them up to this performance.

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